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Alla Dickson

Alla Dickson

Zeeland, MI


Alla Dickson is Belorussian born Michigan, USA, artist. Her positive energy and optimism is transparent through her artwork. Her art brings joy and has an intimate dialogue with a viewer.

Alla is very grateful to all Americans, who have been welcoming her since 1996. She fell in love with Michigan people and landscapes and her art reflects it. Alla is a self taught artist. After getting her Master degree in teaching languages (Russian, English, German, Latin) she was accepted to teach art in addition to languages in schools of Siberia, Russia.

Alla Dickson has developed deep appreciation of cultures and art since 11 years of age, when her family lived in Cairo, Egypt. Since that age she fearlessly traveled around the world, exploring all fifteen Soviet republics, Middle East, Asia and Europe. Syria, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Egypt, Turkey, all Scandinavian and many European countries-just to name a few. During the hard times of perestroika she immigrated with her two daughters to the USA.

She worked full time as a teacher and social worker for almost 30 years when she decided to quit her job and fully devote herself to art. She is now a member of the Holland Area Arts Council, Holland Friends of Arts organizations of the West Michigan. During 2014 year she had participated in 17 art exhibits. She is 2013 and 2014 ArtPrize artist. In 2014 there were two documentary films and a number of publications on her art. She is a motivational and passionate art instructor at the Holland Area Arts Council and in her private art studio.

Alla is committed to give back to a generous community of West Michigan and has initiated and participated in several art projects of the city. She has been invited to be an artist of the local theatre and donated her multiple walls mural to the Holland Park Theatre and a local restaurant.

Watercolors and oil on canvas are her favorite media.



Find Me Where the Wild Things Are by Alla Dickson


Vivacious by Alla Dickson


Sonnet to Tulips by Alla Dickson


Queendom by Alla Dickson


Spectacle by Alla Dickson


Abstract 2. by Alla Dickson


Abstract by Alla Dickson


Sunflowers II by Alla Dickson


Sunflower I by Alla Dickson


Joy with Tulips by Alla Dickson


In Vino Veritas. Wine Collection 12 by Alla Dickson


In Vino Veritas. Wine Collection by Alla Dickson


Sunset Shades by Alla Dickson


Misty by Alla Dickson


Lilacs by Alla Dickson


Efflorescence by Alla Dickson


Above and Beyond by Alla Dickson


Passion by Alla Dickson


Queen Ann's Lace by Alla Dickson


Tulip Waltz by Alla Dickson


Passion by Alla Dickson


Wild Grasses of Saugatuck by Alla Dickson


Spring Smiles by Alla Dickson


Just For You. #12 by Alla Dickson


Just For You. #11 by Alla Dickson


Just For You. #4 by Alla Dickson


Elephants by Alla Dickson


Never Ending Beauty by Alla Dickson


Born to Be Wild by Alla Dickson


Born to Be Wild.I by Alla Dickson